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Fitness has always been our style, our thing, our way of life. It started back in our childhood days and continues to be the driving force in our life. Our goal now is to provide you with the motivation, courage, and ability to live this lifestyle.

In a warm and inviting environment, 3P Athletics offers personal fitness training in Johns Creek, small group training, boot camps, Insanity classes, sport specific training, speed and agility classes, and weight loss programs for all ages and abilities.

Personal Trainer | Johns Creek, GA


Helping Client Achieve Their Goals

We are constantly challenging and encouraging our clients with various types of physical practice and mental preparation.

Plans that Fit Your Life

We accomplish this by creating a fresh, intelligent workout, that involves complete form and function and is precisely tailored to your individual fitness level.

Results Driven Fitness

Every client is different and measuring success is always different. We set goals and guide our clients on their fitness journey by measuring their performance.
greg Barlow

My success is because of Champ. He pushed me to be my best physically and mentally. Did I fail; yes. But Champ never made me feel like a failure. He would motivate me to learn from my mistakes and keep moving forward. I can’t express my gratitude for what he has done for my life.

Amy Smith

Champ helped me transition my lifestyle to include regular exercise and better eating habits. The lifestyle change became habit and I actually look forward to workouts and the immediate benefits felt from my improved metabolism and physical appearance.

Dave Flory

I didn’t think I needed a personal trainer because I was relatively fit from many years of playing tennis and I did not have the desire to lift weights or be pushed by someone to workout hard. However, one day at the gym Champ asked me “If there were two things I wished to improve upon physically or in my sport what would they be?” I tried to avoid answering the question a couple of times but eventually I answered him. The top things that came to mind were that I wanted better muscle definition in my legs and I wished to be faster and more agile on the tennis court. Champ confidently promised he could help me achier both goals NO PROBLEM. I was skeptical, but also intrigued. I agreed to give it a chance and hired him as my personal trainer. Champ lived up to his own hype. He helped craft me into a stronger athlete physically and mentally.

Anne Marie45 Years Old

Training with Champ has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I have been training with him for about two years now. In that time, I have become much stronger and have decreased my body fat. I have also increased my muscle tone substantially. Champ pushes me to work harder than I would work by myself, but not beyond my capabilities. He also ensures that I am working to strengthen all parts of my body, especially my core and back. The pain in my back prior to training with Champ kept me from doing lots of physical activity. Now, I’ve increased my strength, balance and core stabilization which are evident in all of my daily activities. My husband is impressed that I can carry my suitcase up two flights of stairs without his assistance! I am in the best physical condition since my college days because of routine training sessions with Champ.

Cynthia Tolman54 Years Old

My teenage sons have been using trainer Champ Barlow for about a year now and their development has been dramatic!
For my 16 year old son, Coach Barlow was largely responsible in helping him make a very competitive high school basketball team!
With my 14 year old son the results were even greater! He went from being an average player to competing in exposure events and competing against the best players from across the country in his age group! He went on to become one of the top ranked players in Atlanta!
Because of my sons’ success, I’ve recommended Coach Barlow to several other players!

Bobbi HarrisBasketball Training for 2 Sons

I first met Champ Barlow during a complimentary group fitness session at LifeTime Fitness in Johns Creek, Georgia. I knew immediately that Champ’s training was well wroth my time, energy and financial resources. During the group sessions, I always felt that my individual needs were being addressed. The sessions improved my cardio and overall fitness performance in a short amount of time. Champ did a wonderful job keeping the group motivated, energized and challenged. Champ always included a different wrinkle to traditional exercises.

Keith Patrick

I have been working out with Champ for about a year now. I like working with him because he pushes me to do things I would not do on my own. My core strength has increased tremendously. I travel a lot and I sit in a lot of meetings, this caused aches & pains. With the workouts Champ has me do, I no longer have those issues. He has also given me “homework” workouts I do when I’m on my own.
Champ has a very positive outlook on life and is great to be around. He is very competitive and helps you to become competitive to be able to push through that last rep. He has definitely instilled that desire to workout. Champ has made it a way of life.

Susan Davis58 Years Old

Struggling to reach your goals?

1 on 1 and Small Group Personal Training


All training sessions begin with a fitness assessment to determine your ability and functional body mechanics.

We offer 1 on 1 and small group personal training in Johns Creek.  Our 1 on 1 programs are customized to your fitness level and goals.  Our group classes creates a social setting of competitiveness. You can create your own group of 2-4 or we can find you one to fit your goals.

Is your body ready for competition?

Sport Performance Enhancement Training and S.A.Q. – Speed, Agility and Quickness


Sport performance training is a program designed to enhance your performance in a certain sport.  The techniques taught will help athletes learn the proper form and movement patterns to help them in any sport in which they participate.  Sport Performance Enhancement training is designed to focus on what the athlete needs to be the best at their sport.  Training could include strength, speed, power, endurance, flexibility, injury risk reduction, mobility, agility, mental preparedness, sleep/recovery/regeneration techniques, strategies, nutrition, and rehabilitation.

Want to know what is takes play at the next level?

Basketball Skill Development


3P Athletics offers basketball programs for players ranging from 7 years of age to professionals.  Our programs focus on developing the necessary skills to compete at the highest level possible.  We focus on ball handling, shooting, passing, defense, and creating space.  We also focus on preparing our clients for the mental side of competition and creating confidence in their skills.

Champ Barlow

Professional Bio

Gregory Champ Barlow is the founder of 3P Athletics.  Champ has always had a passion for a healthy and active lifestyle.  He played college basketball at Pepperdine University where he earned his Bachelors Degree in Advertising.  After his college career, he spent several years traveling around the world playing professional basketball.

Since he began his personal training career, he has earned his NASM-Certified Personal Training Certificate, NASM- Performance  Enhancement Specialist Certificate, Insanity Master Instructor, and AAAI/ISM Certified Personal training Certificate. He has worked with numerous clients of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, helping them set and achieve their goals through Practice, Preparation and Performance!  He enjoys training, inspiring, and supporting his clients achieve their goals.

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